Ybex Clipboard

Ybex Clipboard 1.3

Share the contents of your clipboard online


  • Makes your clipboard more powerful and useful
  • Customizable keyboard shortcut
  • You can annotate screen captures


  • Doesn't keep text formatting or HTML links
  • No security options for shared items

Very good

Ybex Clipboard sits between the computer and the web and lets you share anything (texts, photos, screenshots, links) online in a couple of clicks.

The first thing you need to do before starting to use Ybex Clipboard is create a user account on their website, something you can do from the app itself the first time you run it. You’ll then be ready to share items online, just by copying them to the Windows clipboard or capturing them on your screen.

Ybex Clipboard places an icon in the system tray but can also be opened with a customizable keyboard shortcut. Either way you get a floating menu where you can choose what you want to share online, be it a screenshot or a text you copy to the clipboard. The screenshots you send to Ybex Clipboard can take the whole screen or just a selected area, and also include annotations.

Once the element is ready for sharing, Ybex Clipboard uploads it directly to your user account and places the link in your clipboard. You can then paste it wherever you want to. Ybex Clipboard also includes a simple online manager to handle all the elements you’ve shared so far.

Ybex Clipboard is a good idea for those of you who need a quick, simple way to share things online. On the downside, the program lacks security options to make shared elements private, and doesn’t keep text formatting or HTML links.

Ybex Clipboard is a handy program with which you can easily share text, images and links online. Just copy them to your clipboard or capture them straight away!

Ybex Clipboard


Ybex Clipboard 1.3

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